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Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Service

DGSA, Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

All companies that ship dangerous goods require the professional service and advice of a qualified DGSA. Dan Lee is a highly experienced DGSA providing this service to a diverse range of clients within the UK. Contact Dan to see how he can help you meet you DGSA compliance need.

Aviation Security (Cargo) Training

Aviation Cargo Security Training, AVSEC

The UK has a fully developed Aviation Cargo Security Training Programme which Dan Lee is approved to deliver. All levels from , Known Consignor, Security awareness CO, COS, CS to CM levels including use of X-ray and ETD screening methods are provided. Call  Dan to discuss your need. 

Dangerous Goods (Road, Sea, DGSA) Training


Tired of boring training? Our courses are anything but dull and boring. Dan's unique style of training delivery and use of relevant images, props and learning styles ensure that everyone get's what they need from this training.

Training and Services continued

Health & Safety Advisor Service

Health and Safety Advisor Service

Health and Safety in the workplace is everyone's responsibility but it's good to have someone on board who can guide, influence, motivate, coach others to ensure that they can achieve those responsibilities. Dan provides a monthly service to clients to ensure that they improve and maintain their safety compliance responsibilities. Call Dan to see if he can assist you too.

Workplace Safety Compliance Audit

Safety Compliance Audit ad Inspection

A trusted and independent review of your workplace safety compliance arrangements can help you identify your business strengths and areas for development. Dan Lee is a highly experienced safety and quality auditor to the BS OHSAS 18001 & ISO 9001 standard. Talk to Dan to discuss your need.

Bespoke Training

Bespoke training

If you have a training need which can't be met by one of Dan Lee's extensive range of Safety, Security, Fire and Dangerous Goods training, talk with Dan to see if he can tailor a bespoke course to meet your specific needs. Dan holds the CertEd qualification and has a proven track record in designing and delivering high quality training programmes.


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DGSA Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Service


ADR (DG by Road) requires all companies who offer dangerous goods freight for transport to appoint and engage the services of a qualified DGSA. Dan Lee has been providing this service to a wide range of clients. The level of service is dependant on the amount of DG that you send each year. Call Now for more details

Dangerous Goods (Road and Sea) Training


Chapter 1.3 or ADR and IMDG codes require all personnel engaged with dangerous goods freight to receive either General Awareness of Function Specific Training to ensure that every knows how to maintain their legal responsibilities to ensure the safety in the transport of dangerous goods. Call or email Dan to discuss your needs 

Bespoke Dangerous Goods Training


Many Dangerous Goods training providers deliver a course that is 'off-the-shelf'. This means that valuable time is spent learning aspects of the DG codes that you don't need to know. Dan can tailor his courses to ensure that every minute of training delivery is relevant to your needs. Call or e-mail Dan to discuss how he can help meet your compliance training needs.

Health and Safety Advisory Service


The UK's Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires companies to have a competent person to assist with the management of their health and safety arrangements. Dan has considerable experience in working with businesses to ensure that health and safety isn't just in the hands of one person - health and safety is everyone's responsibility and Dan's coaching and mentoring style ensures that all managers understand this concept and have the necessary skills and knowledge to apply it to their daily roles.

UK Aviation Cargo Security Training Programme


Developed after the Lockerbie bombing incident in 1988, the UK has a fully tried ad tested National Aviaiton Security Programme for both passenger, cargo and catering security. Dan delivers all modules within the Cargo Security Programme which includes X-Ray and ETD screening. The X-Ray course has been modified to be delivered to operators of security X-ray devices that are located outside of the UK's aviation industry e.g. prisons

Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety training

Fire Safety, Manual Handling, Risk Assessment, COSSH awareness and assessment, incident investigation, Food safety, Directing and Managing Safety, Permit to Work and Drug and Alcohol testing are just some of the training courses that Dan has delivered to his clients to ensure that they meet their safety compliance training needs. All training offered follows the Dan Lee Training ethos - we don't do boring!

Training Courses


Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods General Awareness - 4.5 hours

Dangerous Goods by Road - 1 day

Dangerous Goods by Road - 2 days

Dangerous Goods by Sea - 1 day

Dangerous Goods by Sea - 2 day

Dangerous Goods Specialist, Road & Sea  - 3 days

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (ADR & RID) - 5 days

Health and Safety

Risk Assessment  - 1 day

Manual Handling - General - 4 hours

Manual Handling - Bespoke - 1 day

Manual Handling for Care Homes - 1 day

COSHH Awareness - 4 hours

Permit to Work - 1 day

Working at Height for Managers - 1 day

Directors Safety - 4.5 hours

Health and Safety - 1 day

Health and Safety for Safety Representative - 1 day

Health and Safety for Supervisors - 1 day

Health and Safety for Managers - 3 days

Accident Investigation - 1 day

Accident Investigation and Reports - 2 days

Drug and Alcohol Management - 1 day

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Awareness - 4 hours

Fire Safety for Fire Wardens - 1 day

Fire Safety Risk Assessment - 1 day

Aviation Security (not available outside of UK)

Cargo General Security - 4 hours (Refresher 2 hours)

Cargo Operative Screening COS - 1 day

Cargo Operative Screening X-Ray COX - 2 days

Cargo Supervisor CS - 1.5 days

Cargo Manager CM - 2 days

Known Consignor - 4 hours (Refresher 2 hours)

Security X-Ray

X-Ray Security Operation - 2 days

Food Safety

Food Safety for Food Handlers - 4 hours

Food Safety for Catering Staff - 1 day

Food Safety for Catering Supervisors - 2 days

Advisory Services


Health and Safety Audits and Inspections

Dan has a proven track record of assisting a wide range of clients to identify the gaps in their health and safety compliance arrangements. Detailed reports accompany the inspection and audit and the client is left with clear and practical steps so that, where required, they can achieve a compliant state.

Dangerous Goods Audits and Inspections

If you offer dangerous goods for shipment then you need a DGSA. The Road Dangerous Goods regulations are changing to make this optional requirement, mandatory. This service provides an inspection, advice and provision of essential paperwork and guidance to ensure that you business is fully compliant.

ISO 9001:2015 Preparatory Inspection

ISO9001:2015 requires less paperwork but more joined-up thinking and knowledge streams within a company. Dan's experience with both the audit standards and quality systems enables him to identify strengths and opportunities within a company to ensure that all standards within the audit are either met or are being worked on at the time of the formal external audit.

DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor)

DGSA's are required to be be appointed to assist a business in ensuring that it meets all of its legal responsibilities as either a Consignor or Transport Operator (Carrier). The DGSA service can be performed by a physical visit or remote access (telephone and e-mail) support. The type of service you require is identified by a preliminary inspection of your exposure to the Dangerous Goods legislation.

Health and Safety Advisor

Dan Lee provides this service to clients who have retained his knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure that their health and safety responsibilities are met. Dan fully endorses the HSE approach that health and safety in the workplace is everyone's responsibility and works with all levels of staff to ensure that this message is clearly understood and properly applied.

Training Needs Analysis

Dan's background saw him fulfil the role of Police Trainer, and then Training Manager with Harrods, TNT Express and United Airlines. Fully qualified in training matters (Operations, Sales and Management)  Dan can assist you with identifying what training must be done and devising a plan to help you achieve it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Detail your services

How much do the courses cost? 

Dan Lee Training costs are inclusive of all accommodation, mileage and subsistence costs - therefore you pay a half day or flat fee depending on the costs incurred - example costs:

Local area (Devon) - half day £280 - Full day £400 - 500

UK- full day rate £650 - 750

Courses outside the UK will incur costs to cover travel, accommodation and a flat day rate for the days of travel to and from the venue.

Bespoke courses will cost a little more but that is identified at the initial discussion of your needs.


All courses offered are provided with Dan Lee Training Certificates. We can arrange for courses to be delivered to accredited award body standard.  All Aviation Security Courses are provided with a DfT/CAA approved certificate and training record

What makes you different from all the other training companies?

Dan Lee is a fully qualified trainer (Cert Ed) and is an award winning training designer. He prides himself on delivering quality training and never does 'death by powerpoint' type training. On the rare occasions that Dan Lee Training uses other trainers as associates he makes sure that they too can deliver the courses to the same standard. 

Why doesn't Dan Lee Training do accredited training?

In our history we have been accredited by the CIEH and IOSH but have found the value that these accreditations bring does not justify the costs of setting up and maintaining the administration. Dan Lee is qualified to write and deliver all training courses. You can rest assured that the content will meet the legal requirement that you need to comply with.

Why don't you do IATA Dangerous Goods by Air training?

It's not that we can't - we could -  but we don't agree with the prescriptive manner of how the course is required to be delivered by IATA and the UK's CAA. The IATA DG course does not allow for a qualified trainer to deliver the course in the manner that they deem appropriate. Until they do - Dan Lee Training won't put their name to their list. Remember, we don't do boring training.

Introduction to Dangerous Goods 2018

A short video to use to explain to your staff why we have the Dangerous Goods Codes and Regulations. Great to use in Induction or as a preparation for their DG Awareness training!

ADR Transport Categories

The tricky subject of calculating when a vehicle load exceeds the ADR Transport Category Threshold Limits is explained within this short, instructive video. This is another example of how Dan Lee Training make their training content 'sticky' with the delegates that attend their courses. Providing them with an easy-to-use reminder of key learning points within their course ensures that they are consistent in their application of their knowledge and skills for their work role. Enjoy!

Manual Handling Introduction film 1

This is the first of three introductory films on the subject of manual handling. This first one looks at the law, the second with the problems with your back and the third deals with keeping your back safe. Each film is intended to provide new employees with the requisite knowledge and skills they need prior to their attending a formal manual handling training session. See below for film 2.

Manual Handling Introduction Film 2

This is the second of three introductory films on the subject of manual handling. The second film deals with the problems with your back and the third deals with keeping your back safe. Each film is intended to provide new employees with the requisite knowledge and skills they need prior to their attending a formal manual handling training session. See below for film 3

Manual handling introduction Film 3

This is the last film in the series of Manual Handling Introductions. This deals with the basics of lifting in the workplace. Remember that all 3 films are intended to provide the requisite knowledge and skills new staff need before they attend a formal manual handling training session.


In this section we provide free documents that are designed by Dan Lee and used to support our services and training courses. You are welcome to view and use these as long as you keep the content, style and Dan Lee Training Logo within the document. Dan Lee Training has a wide range of supportive documents - contact us if you would like to see more of what you see here!